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Registry Easy™ found over 1300 problems with my computer and was able to fix them all.I'm now able to use my system without being afraid that it's going to crash in the middle of something.
Mike Todd - San Francisco, US
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It is no exaggeration to say that my computer and internet surfing now run about 10 times faster since I used your software. I can't thank you enough for your great program!
Cretina - Wisconsin, US
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And about the RegistryEasy program, using vista Iíve had some problems with Vista taking up to much space and memory usage. I had task managers up before and after using this program looking at my CPU usage and memory. My CPU usage went from a constant 13% to 3% and my memory went from 1.43GB to 1.13GB. This program checks more things then most system clean ups and gives a result 10x more effective then optimizing my computer.
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Iím very pleased with the resultsÖ.Itís definitely a keeper. Create a restore point, via windows, then using the programs own back up facility as well as creating your own registry back up (explained below) youíll have three safety nets Ďjust in caseí something that is needed Ďisí deleted. Not only does this program clean your registry it does a lot more (click on advanced options) and because itís such an all round program, will enable you to uninstall all those other programs such other registry cleaners, disc cleaners and other programs that optimises your computer, thus reducing the load on your registry/discs.The advaeatures are a very welcome feature.Thank yostry Easy for usability and ease of use.
White Rabbit aka Stephen -
Great job, this app is very functional. I had a problem with application which was always in startup and I couldnít delete this. Registry Easy repaired it easy:) Thanks.
Moomphas -
Outstanding. Fixed 1300 errors, rebooted and runs faster. Fixed IE, which I somehow killed several months ago.
Program was quick and seemed to do a good job of finding errors. It will make a good addition to my arsenal of tweaking and repairing utilities.Thanks Registry Easy for the fine program.
After installing it on this machine and purposely mocking some things up to see how the program would handle that, Iíve become more impressed.Itís not perfece two of the items in the start-menuís start-up folder dissapear, but a restore from the backup fixed that) but it does a great job.It did speed up rtime from 4 minutes and some seconds to 2 minutes and some seconds (close to 3 minutes), by getting rid of a pile of hard-to-find clutter left by old software.
Baddest Wolf -
Brilliant. Found 850 errors. Hit repair button and bootup time now has gone from 130 seconds to 18 seconds. A must for everyone.
Allen Carey -
How much more proof do you need?